photo credit: Toril Lavendar

photo credit: Toril Lavendar

i am sassa.

I used to be Sarah, but my youngest sister decided the Swedish pronunciation suited me better, and it stuck. 

I am a 37 year old artist in West Virginia, and I am a work in progress. Currently I am publishing an online novel called Qualia one chapter a week until my upcoming show Chapter 38 on my birthday, April 6, 2019. It is an entirely new experience for me and I am absolutely loving it.

I have approximately one million ideas that I get really excited about every day. I love to learn, especially about how we learn as humans. Probably because of that, I also really dig teaching. I am Program Director of a non-profit gallery in my hometown of Barboursville called /Māk/, and I enjoy teaching mindful art classes there.

Some other things I love: quiet, paint, charcoal, human faces, natural light, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, MUSIC, writing, reading, technology, meditation, my son Max, my family, the woods.

I love to hear feedback about my work. Don’t hesitate to contact me with comments or questions about commissions or anything else.