photo credit: Toril Lavendar

photo credit: Toril Lavendar

i am sassa.

I used to be Sarah, but my youngest sister decided the Swedish pronunciation suited me better, and it stuck. 

I am a 38-year old artist, author, musician, and aspiring puppeteer from Barboursville, West Virginia. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, a Master of the Arts in Art Education, and have over ten years of teaching experience. I own and operate /Māk/ Art Studio in Barboursville, where I love teaching others to draw, paint, and see the world a little differently.  

In my personal studio, I am a passionately active and experimental artist. My heart belongs to oil painting humans, but it occasionally flirts with LOTS of other media. I recently published my first novel, Qualia, which combines traditional text with QR code-linked poetry, music, video, and other digital elements to tell a surreal and futuristic story. I also enjoy working with patrons on commissioned portraiture, and love the challenge of capturing the likeness and spirit of those I paint.

I love to hear feedback about my work. Don’t hesitate to contact me with comments or questions about commissions or anything else.